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Bodied Bootcamp
Bodied Bootcamp
Bodied Bootcamp

Bodied Bootcamp

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The Bodied Bootcamp is a group fitness class that takes place 5 days a week.  There are set class times with each bootcamp lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

Bodied Bootcamp is made up with set HIIT, high intensity interval training, workouts that may be modified for different levels of fitness. This is a self paced class that is perfect for individual who loves a challenge and won't mind working up a good sweat! 

CLASS TIMES are as posted below. 

Mon-Thurs 6:00AM  5:00PM 

Saturday 9:00AM


Per Class: $15, This is the drop in rate that must be paid in full before attending Bodied Bootcamp. $10 Drop ins on Saturdays. NO REFUNDS

Monthly Unlimited Membership: $100/per month, This option requires a 3 month  minimum commitment with a card on file. The payment will automatically be charged to the card on file the day you start your membership. (Ex. If you start your membership on the 10th of the month, you will be charged $100 every 10th of the month.) Go to "Become a Member" tab to sign up! NO REFUNDS

Month-to-Month: $135, This is the alternative to the Monthly Unlimited Membership listed above, no commitment is required for this option. You'll pay $135 month to month for unlimited classes within a 30 day period. NO REFUNDS

No entry pass 10 minutes of class start times. Session must be PAID IN FULL before working out